Safari Fit
Fitness App for iPhone

The best fitness app on the app store. Get in shape with the challenging workouts.


Some of the most commonly asked questions about Safari Fit

  • Safari Fit begins with the user taking a fitness test. Once the test is taken, the user is assigned a level based on their fitness test result. The app contains 5 levels from easiest to hardest : Meerkat, Springbok, Cheetah, Leopard, and Lion. Each level contains 40 workouts. After you have completed all 40 workouts, you retake the fitness test to determine if you have made it to the next level.

    Our app also contains 76 uniquely names exercises based on an African Safari theme. The well thought out interface and carefully designed workouts make the app suitable for men and woman of all fitness levels. The workouts included in the app are real. They are not some puffy fluffy list of exercises. The workouts will challenge you to reach the next level.

  • Most of the free apps rely on advertising or in-app purchases. Our app is ad-free and all the content is open. There are no in-app purchases. All 200 workouts and 76 exercises are included. Our goal was to provide maximum value to the user.

    Since there are 200 workouts included, it works out to less than 2 cents per workout. Given what a fitness trainer charges, this represents a great value.

  • Safari Fit is on sale for 3.99. Considering there are 200 workouts included, it works out to less than 2 cents per workout.

  • Obsoletely. The app is designed to work with men and women of all fitness levels. The Meerkat level is the easiest level and the Lion level is the most difficult.

  • For sure. This app will kick your butt, you can be sure. To give you an idea of the Lion level (the most difficult level) , the first workout begins with 20 burpees, followed by 2 minutes plank, followed by 12 more heart pumping exercises. It will be a challenge for even the most fit people.

  • No. All 76 exercises are designed to be done without any extra equipment.

  • Yes, there are videos and descriptions of all 76 exercises. These videos are contained within the app and do not require an internet connection to view.

  • It really depends on you. This app contains workouts. Certainly if you do the workouts it will help you with weight loss, but weight loss also depends on your diet. We are currently working on a healthy eating app as a companion to the Safari Fit app.